BYU Continuing Education

BYU Continuing Education is the university’s long-distance learning division. They work on the content for Independent Study, High School Suite, and BYU Online. We are focused on providing quality content that is accessible from anywhere. As part of the Editing, Layout, and Transcription department I have worked on over 125 courses in my almost two years of working there. I have provided substantive and copy edits, as well as HTML layout services. I have checked facts and replaced images that violated copyright terms. I have also ensured accessibly standards through careful coding and the creation of transcripts.

Editing Samples

Want to see some samples from my work at BYU Continuing Education? Click on the button below for examples from courses that I have worked on. The page requires a password in order to protect the intellectual property of the authors. If you need access please reach out to me at


Holly is a kind and entertaining person to work with. She communicates diplomatically with authors and makes thoughtful substantive comments in work that she edits. Her editing clearly shows her understanding of web accessibility and effective assessment writing, which have been especially important for our work with online courses.

-Caroline Larsen

Production Editor BYU Division of Continuing Education