Leading Edge

I started volunteering at Leading Edge, Brigham Young University’s premier sci-fi/fantasy journal, when I was a sophomore at BYU. I read through submissions, offered feedback, and passed or rejected stories. I volunteered to be on an editing team and had my first experience preparing a story for publication. Now, a few years after that experience, I became one of the managing editors and led one of those editing teams. I loved getting this insight into the publishing process: picking and preparing a story, communicating directly with the author, and leading a team of editors in the same process that so inspired me when I was an acquisitions editor.

Editing Samples

Want to see some editing samples from the book? Click on the button below for examples. The page requires a password in order to protect the intellectual property of the author. If you need access please reach out to me at hollylynnegen@gmail.com.


Holly worked with me as a managing editor for Leading Edge magazine. Her time and talents were invaluable, as she helped handle texts from all backgrounds in reviewing, selecting, and editing them for publication. Holly was punctual and proactive, making sure all her assignments were completed on time and that she spent her time well. Her advice and insights helped shape our publication, in selecting what we published and how we arranged the magazine

-Abigail Miner

Editor-in-chief, Leading Edge Magazine