Editing is not the only thing that I love. Weird, I know. An editor who loves more than just editing? Yes, and one of those things that I love is writing. I have written a number of short stories and analyses of other writings. Below are just a few samples of my writing.


As a writing intern for Third Hour, I was responsible for writing two articles a week. I brainstormed my own ideas and developed them. Check some out!

Academic Writing

Here are some papers that I wrote in college. The papers are a mix of academic and creative writing.

Lexical Alchemy in

Edmund’s Monologue

This is a paper that I wrote analyzing the language Edmund uses in King Lear. I evaluated his use of lexical repetition, semantic antithesis, and binding sound patterns.

Sir Mouse

This is a paper I wrote that explores why the stories that Grimm Brothers wrote are still popular today. I did this by researching key story elements in Grimm fairy tales and then incorporating them into an original short story about a mouse on an adventure to save a princess.

The Earthshaker

This is a story I wrote for a class on Greek and Roman mythology. The purpose was to apply themes from classical myths to a modern era. I chose to center my story on violence against women.

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