I answered an ad for a last-minute thesis editor, and that was all it took. For the last two years I have edited seven masters’ theses. They were in APA style. I was often asked to return edits within a few days. I provided a fresh set of eyes to run a final check on their thesis, which often allowed me to find inconsistencies and help the author flesh out weak areas. I also provided copyedits. Since about half of my authors found me through a friend, I can only assume they are pleased with my work.

Editing Samples

Want to see some samples from my freelancing? Click on the button below for examples of projects that I have worked on. The page requires a password in order to protect the intellectual property of the authors. If you need access please reach out to me at




Holly was so gracious to me! Due to some lag in email responses, I found out that I needed my thesis edited WITHIN 24 HOURS. I was frantically searching for someone qualified, who would also be willing to take on such an enormous task. She masterfully completed the edit and returned two versions--one showing edits, one with her edits accepted--THE NEXT DAY. I was so grateful to her for sending both copies, as I could not accept some of her changes because of demands from my committee. Without both copies, I would have been set too far back, and unable to meet the graduation deadline.

Holly's talent and professionalism are only out-shined by her efficiency. I have already recommended her to fellow graduate students.



Holly was seriously amazing! I contacted her with a deadline for my thesis, and within a week, she helped my writing immensely. There were some moments where I struggled with trying to make sense of what I was writing, but I felt like she knew what I was trying to write and made it sound better than I could put together myself that would probably take a week to perfect a sentence. She was very professional in her willingness to help me and letting me know what she needs from me in order for her to do what she needs to do. Holly was prompt in her communication with me. I would recommend her for any and all editing purposes! 10/10 would recommend.



Any good writer knows that editing is a critical component of the writing process. However, finding someone that can be trusted to thoroughly and accurately review your work can be a challenge. While writing my Master's thesis, I was faced with the difficult task of finding a quality editor to review my work. Fortunately, a close friend of mine recommended that I contact Holly for my editing needs. I am so glad that I did! Holly responded to my request immediately and communicated with me throughout the editing process. I found her revisions to be thorough, detailed and easy to implement. I would strongly recommend Holly to anyone in search of an editor.